HK Style Breakfast Tea 香港味 經典奶茶 港式奶茶

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Hong Kong Style Breakfast Tea 香港味港式奶茶

The strong and satisfying taste of “Hong Kong Style Classic Milk tea “
has been enjoyed in Hong Kong for over 60 years.

  • A finely selected blend of tea leaves to create the most aromatic and strong brew perfect for the morning.
  • The "Hong Kong Milk Tea Style" is commonly served with a slice of lemon or with cream sweetened with condensed milk.
  • Each teabag is individually wrapped in an envelope.
  • 100 tea bags in each carton. 2.5gram per tea bag. 36 cartons in each case.
  • Free Shipping within the United States! Shipment fee required for Hawaii, Canada, and International

“香港味 “ 經典奶茶, 起源於40年代香港至今仍然大行其道並繼續瘋靡全球, 香濃馥郁茶味更使人回味無窮.

“ 香港味 經典紅茶 “ 小貼士,
首先看其茶色鮮紅渾, 明亮光澤,再其濃郁清香和濃厚茶味及具絲滑口感 !

• 特別濃郁 • 色 • 香 • 味 •

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